Telephone booth transformed into aquarium booths!

Wanna call? Talk to fishes!!
As public phones are outdated due to cellular phones so the japanese came up with an idea of utilizing them to decorate the streets. The phone booths were converted to Aquariums in Osaka, Japan. Can you imagine the amount of food required by all these booth aquariums? And do you think it's worth it?

World's tallest Dog as of 2010

The tallest dog living is 'Giant George' a Great Dane, who measured 1.092 m (43 in) tall on 15 February 2010 and is owned by David Nasser of Tucson, Arizona, USA.

Worlds smallest fish at 7.9mm!

The Paedocypris progenetica is officially the world's smallest fish at only 7.9mm long, that is less than 1/3 of an inch! Not only is in the smallest fish in the world, but it is also that smallest vertebrate or back boned animal in the entire world! It was discovered in the swamps on the Indonesian island.

Fire resistant (like a real superman) Man

This man must be a recommended cast for Xmen series next film.  Just read the facts below, you will agree with me :P

Kann Who really is a superman, got the title of “Superhands” Trichan. He got this cool nickname for his incredible ability of scooping pieces of chicken and beef from burning-hot oil with his completely bare hands.

The 50-year-old Chiang Mai-based street cook can sink his fingers into 480 degrees Fahrenheit hot grease without even getting a single blister on his hands, and this amazing ability has won him an international fame.
Really how many of you can put your hand in a 100 Celsius boiling water for even a few seconds?? Dont try. haha!

People from all over the world come to his “Fried Chicken by Iron Hands Man” food stall to see Kann use his hands to scoop out the chicken. He and his wife travel the globe showing off his gift. Superhands has no idea why he can do what he does, but he’s just happy it brings more and more customers for his business, every day.

The Story of discovering his supernatural ability is really interesting. Kann Trichan first discovered his unusual gift seven years ago, when he accidentally got hot oil splattered all over his body. While attending his giant woks, he noticed a squirrel eating a mango on a branch just above him. The squirrel dropped the big fruit right in the oil splattering it all over Kann’s body and head. A taxi took him home and when he got up the next day ready to go see a doctor, he took a look in the mirror only to see he had no burns. The redness was fading away and his skin was practically intact, so he just decided to go back to work, to the astonishment of his fellow street vendors.

Unbelievable Facts about Tears

Some people Cry while eating or smelling food or even at mere site of food or even thinking about some delicious meal and vice versa. This is called "Crocodile tears syndrome".

Some people cry without tears because of a genetic disorder that results in lacking the ability to produce tears (alacrima).

Crocodile tears (or superficial sympathy) are a false or insincere display of emotion such as a hypocrite crying fake tears of grief. The expression comes from an ancient anecdote that crocodiles weep in order to lure their prey, or that they cry for the victims they are eating.  

Why we Cry or weep?
Crying is increased lacrimation due to strong emotional stress, suffering, mourning, or physical pain. This practice is not restricted to negative emotions; many people cry when extremely happy. 

Scientific Basis of Crocodile tears syndrome: an uncommon consequence of nerve regeneration subsequent to Bell's palsy or other damage to the facial nerve in which efferent fibers from the superior salivary nucleus become improperly connected to nerve axons projecting to the lacrimal glands (tear ducts), causing one to shed tears (lacrimate) during salivation while smelling foods or eating. Presumably, one would also salivate while crying due to the inverse improper connection of the lacrimal nucleus to the salivary glands, but this would be less noticeable.

World's only barking (waterdogs) amphibian; MUDPUPPY

Mudpuppies, also called waterdogs, are one of only a few salamanders that make noise.

Scientists consider it a misconception that they make a barking sound. But they are known long for their doglike barking.
Among the largest of the salamanders, mudpuppies can exceed 16 inches (41 centimeters) in length.

Fishermen who hook mudpuppies will often cut their line rather than touch these extremely slimy amphibians, believing incorrectly that these innocent creatures are poisonous (they are not poisonous).Their average life span in the wild 11 years (may reach 20 years of age) and range in size from 11in to 16 in (28 to 40cm).



World's Most beautiful Birds: Birds of Paradise

These are worlds most beautiful birds.They have gorgeous and enormous head plumes and other distinctive ornaments, such as breast shields or head fans. Also have particular highly elongated and elaborate feathers extending from the beak, wings or head. 
 This Plant looks like a beautiful bird... But infact its a plant, "Strelitzia reginae" indigenous to South Africa.
(Thanks to Sanet Boshoff for the correction)

Contrary to humans (where females use their ornaments and beauty to attract males) Males of these birds put their bright colors and unusual ornaments to good use when they display for females.

Their elaborate dances, poses, and other rituals accentuate their appearance and put on a phenomenal show for both female birds and any humans lucky enough to be in the vicinity. Such displays can last for hours, and in many species they consume a significant part of the male's time.

The trade in their skins and feathers has been going on for more than 2000 years, and the birds have been of considerable interest to collectors.