Was Rolls Royce really used for garbage disposal & city waste transportation in India - The True Story!

There are many variants of this anecdote, after careful investigation, best sources of books and newspapers point to the following story. In the other variants of a similar story the king is believed to be the Maharaja of Patiala (Bhupinder Singh), Nizam of Hyderabad, Jai Singh Prabhakar or the Maharaja of Bharatpur. All the pictures related to this story circulating on the internet are fake as no photos of those cars were ever made.

One day, Maharaja of Alwar was walking in casual Indian dress in Bond Street, London. He saw a Rolls Royce showroom and went inside to inquire about the price and features of their cars.

Considering him a just another Poor Indian citizen,
showroom salesmen insulted him
and told him he is wasting his time. After this insult, Maharaja came back to his Hotel room and asked his manager to call the showroom that Maharaja of Alwar is interested in purchasing few Rolls Royce Cars.

After few hours Maharaja reached the Rolls Royce showroom again but with his full astonishing royal manner and in his royal costume. This time he was welcomed warmly and all the salesmen were bent with respect. Maharaja purchased all the seven cars that they had at showroom at that time and paid full amount with delivery costs.

After reaching India, Maharaja ordered municipal department to use all those seven Rolls Royce cars for cleaning and transporting city’s waste. World’s number one Rolls Royce cars were being used for transportation of City’s waste, the news spread all over the world rapidly and the reputation of Rolls Royce Company was in drains.

Due to such reputation damages, they sent a Telegram to the Maharaja for apologies and requested to stop transportation of waste in Rolls Royce cars. Not only this but they also offered repair and other services free of cost. Maharaja finally acceded and stopped using them for municipal department.

The photo of car on the left which is used in most stories on the internet is not even a Rolls Royce. Also the brooms shown in the photo were commonly used at that time to protect the tires from any shrapnel or other sharp objects on streets.

The car used in the photo and also in one video to back the story is actually a Ford model of 1930s as shown in the 2nd photo on the left.

The cars that were used in garbage disposal is claimed to be currently standing in vintage car museum of Udaipur.

Another story: It is about Maharaja of Bharatpur. He always bought three automobiles at the same time. Once Rolls-Royce company denied him mechanics to fix faults in his old cars. Like the Maharaja of Patila he issued a threat to convert his cars into garbage carriers. The car-maker promptly sent a group of mechanics to Bharatpur to sort out the faults.

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