World's Largest (Bones) Human Skeleton

Ok. That might be a slight exaggeration. I'm sure there are some dinosaur skeletons that are larger. But you have to admit... this is pretty darn big. Measuring over 55 feet long, this skeleton (made out of polystyrene and resin) was created by Algerian-born French artist Adel Abdessemed. It was last displayed at the St. Johannes Evangelist church in Berlin, Germany. Who knows where it will end up next?

A Very BIG Chair (world's largest chair)

An apt advertisement for Miller's Office Furniture in downtown Anniston, Alabama, this 33-foot chair was built in the 1980s and is said to trump numerous big chairs scattered across the planet.

This is one chair in which you don't want to lean too far back -- it might flatten a brick building!

Unbelievable Real Big Lock & key

Haji Javed Iqbal Khokhar from Gujranwala (Pakistan) 2003 made this big Lock n key himself. height: 3.505 m [11 1/2 ft], width: 1.37 m [14 1/2 ft], depth: 63.5 cm [25 in] weight: 1883 kg plus key weight of 120 kg

Unbelievable Long Nails(Longest fingernails)

Admit it, you’re obsessed with knowing who has the longest fingernails in the world. We are too! To our best knowledge, we have found the current world recorder holder for the longest fingernails to be Lee Redmond (USA). Ms. Redmond, who hasn’t cut her nails since 1979, has grown and carefully manicured them to reach a total length of 7 m 51.3 cm (24 ft 7.8 in). Measurements of each fingernail are below:
Right hand
Thumb 76.4 cm 30.1 in
Index finger 72.3 cm 28.5 in
Middle finger 74.1 cm 29.2 in
Ring finger 73.6 cm 29 in
Little finger 71.6 cm 28.2 in
Left Hand
Thumb 80 cm 31.5 in
Index finger 76.4 cm 30.1 in
Middle finger 76.7 cm 30.2 in
Ring finger 76.2 cm 30 in
Little finger 73.6 cm 29 in
The record holder for the longest fingernails before Lee Redmond was Shridhar Chillal. Cutting his nails in 2000, he had held the record for 20 years!