Girl got Electrocuted / Burned using earphones with iphone and FAULTY CHARGER!

A young filipina girl recharges her iPhone 6 while her earphone was connected to her both ears and fell asleep. As she was sleeping, the phone overheated, burnt and the electric power went through the earphone and she got electrocuted and died on her sleep. This happened at 11 pm , June 10, 2015.
Authorities have found that the charger used was substandard which bypassed the conversion of high voltage current into low voltage current.
Authorities have also appealed to not buy non-genuine chargers as they do not meet the safety standards!

Similar incidents have been reported from various parts of the world involving a cheap faulty charger.

Another Story is of a mother-of-two, who was been killed when she was apparently electrocuted by a faulty $4.99 charger, has spoken out about his heartbreak.
The woman who died in her North Gosford home at 4pm on April 23 has been identified as Sheryl Aldeguer, 28, a nurse who moved to Australia from the Philippines for work.
It is believed she was talking on her phone while it was plugged into the charger. Luigi Aldeguer told his wife was speaking to a friend who was in Dubai when the incident happened.
Authorities have issued a warning to consumers about knock-off USB-style chargers and are investigating distributors of the USB chargers after the woman's death.
Sources: Daily Mail UK

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