Snake faced Baby Girl (new born) to a Woman

THIS IS A TRUE STORY JUST HAPPEN LAST MONTH(Oct 2008).. This guy(father) went to makkah from Malayisa record this..its about a pregnant lady who already have 2 daughters and she conceived again n the doctor confirmed that she getting one more baby girl n she was not happy at all. She ahd a fight with her husband who said to her "its better if u deliver a snake than another baby girl !!" ...................Oh ma GOD.!! whenever anybody ask what baby(sex) she is going to deliver she used to say that its a snake baby, till the labor day came n she really give birth to a girl with snake face. Scintifically: It is a genetic deformity of skin cud be caused by many reasons like radiation chemicals etc. Tags: unbelievable real snake like face snake faced little baby with snake face snake girl baby fact truth unbelievable facts world facts animal facts hard fact animal facts human facts accidents world record dictionary sex facts fastest strongest longest dangerous horrible love and romance facts