Human-like BUFFALO

This is a photo of a buffalo very similar to human especially its face which is dominantly similar to human. However, its hands and feets are more like a buffalo. But overall the buffalo-boy has most organs of a cow having human shaped. Doctors are of the view that it will die out shortly..

Animal's Love!

Most Astonishing picture.Isn't it?Share your Feelings about animal's love.
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Man Passing Finger through Nostril out of his Eye!!

When i got this picture i myself was first not believing that it is real but then i checked it on several fake photo detecting softwares. And to my Surprise it is 100% real.One of the most weird photos i have ever got.

Bite your nose!

Can you bite your nose with your own teeth? NO, ofcourse not!
But this man can.
Unbelievable? Believe it!