World’s Biggest & Largest DESSERT "tiramisu "

A dozen chefs in France have laid claim to rustling up the world's largest Tiramisu dessert, weighing over a ton (1070 Kg+) and having to be stored in an ice rink.
"It has now been officially recognised by Guiness World Records"
The cooks worked through the night at a food fair in Villeurbanne near Lyon, in order to complete the record attempt.

The dessert utilized:

  • 4,000 eggs
  • 300kg of mascarpone cheese
  • 60kg of cream
  • 180kg of biscuits
  • 12kg of chocolate
  • 5kg of cocoa powder
  • and 192 kg of sugar.

Weighing in at nearly 1,076kg (2,372 lb) the giant tiramisu - which means "pick me up" in Italian!!

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