Man becoming (Self-induced Evolving) Into A TIGER

At what extrme a human can go. No one can answer. But this man can give us some idea. This is not a legend. A man got obsessed by a strange desire of becoming tiger (or somewhat tiger-like). He has undergone several painful operations to modify his body to achieve his goal. This photo is showing the convexity of the lower forehead, which he got after placing silicon pads.. This photo is showing the cut upper lip. He stitched it to get this. He wears a specail cat-eye (or tiger-eye) lens. He has elongated his nails and have made them cut in a tiger like manner.. He has also been operated by a dentist who has enlarged his canines and shaped the incisors into the canines. And This is the FINAL Face of the Tiger-Man we were Discussing....Amazing....huh!?! Tags: unbelievable facts world facts animal facts hard fact animal facts human facts accidents world record dictionary sex facts fastest strongest longest dangerous horrible love and romance facts evolution tiger man becoming tiger tiger becoming tiger operation animalism self induced