Dreadfull Sounds that can Paralyse or even Kill you!!!

Infrasonic souds that is the sounds below the audible frequency range of human. Waves of infrasound are invisible, but slam into living tissue and physical structures with great force. The sensation vibrates internal organs and buildings, flattening objects as the sonic wave strikes. At certain pitches, it can explode matter. The most profound effects at infrasonic occur at 7 Hz "corresponds with the median alpha-rhythm frequencies of the brain. This is the resonant frequency of the body's organs and hence organ rupture and death can occur at high-intensity exposures. Natural explosions from volcanoes produce infrasonic waves. When Krakatoa exploded, lifting an entire island 100 miles into the air, windows were shattered 1,000 miles away from ground zero. The shock waves, affecting both earth and atmosphere, continued for hours. Explosives, such as atomic weapons, produce infrasound. Zone one is ground zero and its destruction. Zone 2 is a powerful, speeding, sonic wave of reduced air pressure. This concussion blast travels at great distances away from ground zero and few survive its destructive path. Note: Some authorities says that they are being used in modern weapons.

Hindus walking on fire ceremony

According to Hinduism: God Kataragama moves in strange ways. Out of pity for human suffering, often hearing “the sad music of humanity.” He appears as the youthful God of compassion. He takes the form of god of war when wicked Titans have to be destroyed; he takes the form of the holy child Muruka omnipresent at the service of his devotees. A day prior to the termination of the festival of God Kataragama fire walking ceremony takes place. Some devotees are inspired by the deity for an exhibition of divine power to walk on the glowing embers of fire. The inspiration comes to them as a yearning from within to join the band of fire-walkers. They bathe in the sacred waters of Menik Ganga (River of Gems) at dawn and as they step into the forty feet of fire track, without getting their feet burnt, to the amazement of the spectators.