World's First Surgeon ever in the history to perform Surgery on himself (Self Operation)

Evan O'Neill Kane  was a surgeon in Pennsylvania. He is the first person in the known history to have ever undertaken a self-operation and not just one; he did 3 operations on himself at different times of his life (btw this is no longer a recommended way to get famous). First one was a minor finger amputation in 1919. The most famous of his operation is that of appendectomy in 1921 which he did on himself under local anesthesia because he wanted to undergo the procedure from a patient's perspective. He performed the surgery with the help of mirrors using standard instruments of that time. This helped him to have better understanding of the perspective of patients who could not be given general anesthesia for this operation. He also performed another, and even more dangerous, surgery at age of 70 on himself, that of inguinal hernia repair but it didn't receive much media attention (well you never know, what these crazy media reporters are really after!!). He recovered from all his surgeries successfully.


Leonid Rogozov is another name and the one whose accomplishment is even more remarkable than that of Evan O'Neill Kane because he not only performed the surgery himself but also thousands of kilometers away from any medical hospital or facility and with very limited instruments and resources. He was a soviet general practitioner and the only doctor stationed at the Novolazarevskaya Station in 1961. While there, he developed appendicitis. The nearest Soviet research station was more than 1,600 km from Novolazarevskaya and severe blizzard conditions prevented aircraft landing. After his condition kept on deteriorating he decided to perform the famous appendectomy on himself with the assistance of a driver and a meteorologist (that should be guiness world record for non-medical personal assisting surgery) Anyways the surgery was a success and he lived happily everafter. Not actually, life isn't a fairy tail, though he recovered completely but later died a natural death obviously!

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