BIG ICE CITY(CITY made of ICE, Harbin ICE & Snow Festival)

In spite of the cultural revolution, China hosts one of the most amazing art festivals on the planet. The Harbin Ice And Snow Festival runs from Jan 5 through Feb 15th and hosts an entire city made of ice.
The ice festival, a few miles away from the snow festival, is anything but dull and colorless. Crowds flocking to the entrance are greeted by dance music booming in the distance, as if at an outdoor pop concert. And bright neon colors shine everywhere, buried within huge blocks of ice forming structures as high as thirty meters, such as this huge structure beyond the entryway. You can just make out people standing atop its blue and red stairway .... Tags: unbelievable facts world facts animal facts hard fact animal facts human facts accidents world record dictionary sex facts fastest strongest longest dangerous horrible love and romance facts