Man Lived with Black Ants for a week (7 days) without any Food

Can u ignore an ant biting your face? Surely not! But this man could, not a single one but many!!! K. Muthukumar, of North Pudhugramam, Kovilpatti, Toothukudi District in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, have stayed with black ants for Seven days continuously - that too in well packed jute sack. There were totally 10,000 ants inside the sack and Muthukumar stayed with them for continuous 7 days and nights, without taking any food. Some ants did bite him and large number of dot like dimples were found on his body. Many of the ants found dead after seven days.

Human Indian spider (Spider girls)

Jamuna and Ganga who are Siamese twin sisters from Calcutta, India are what we call “The Human Indian Spider”. The reason we say this because they cannot walk anywhere but yet they can get around at fast speeds which basically looks like a spider walking.

Wierd Lips and Mouth

Man with A huge tumour on face

Man with Largest Testicles (testes) in the World

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Fence post in Fisher man's Ass!!!

This is an emergency room photo of a fisherman who lost control of his high-speed bass boat in West Virginia. Warden's believe that he was traveling at a speed of approximately 75 mph at the time of the accident. He was unable to negotiate a curve in the narrow waterway. Unfortunately for him, upon striking the shoreline and being ejected from the boat, he landed back end first on an old fence post. You can probably picture what happened next, but the picture really says it all. The good news is that after about 6 months, this man made a full recovery after suffering a shattered hip, broken leg, several broken ribs, internal injuries and soft tissue damage. Doctors credited his recovery to the fact that the post lodged itself so tightly that there was little or no blood loss. Now that's got to hurt!!!


Arrow in a man's Head (Skull)

Doctors at Portland's University Hospital said Wednesday an Oregon man shot through the skull by a hunting arrow is lucky to be alive and will be released soon from the hospital. Tony Roberts, 25, lost his right eye last weekend during an initiation into a men's rafting club, Mountain Men Anonymous, in Grants Pass, Ore. A friend tried to shoot a beer can off his head, but the arrow entered Roberts' right eye. Doctors said had the arrow gone 1 millimeter to the left, a major blood vessel would have cut and Roberts would have died instantly. Neurosurgeon Dr. Johnny Delashaw at the University Hospital in Portland said the arrow went through 8 to 10 inches of brain, with the tip protruding at the rear of his skull, yet somehow managed to miss all major blood vessels. Delashaw also said had Robert tried to pull the arrow out on his own he surely would have killed himself. Roberts admitted afterwards he and his friends had been drinking that afternoon. Roberts said, ``I feel so dumb about this.'' No charges have been filed but the Josephine County district attorney's office said the initiation stunt is under investigation. --

Crystal tears

Child found crying very hard work.!!! A Lebanese girl has baffled doctors by producing tiny crystals from her eyes. Since March of this year, 12-year-old Hasnah Mohamed Meselmani has been producing tiny crystals at an average rate of seven a day. Although the crystals are as sharp as cut glass, Hasnah says she feels no pain and doctors cannot explain the phenomenon. Her father wants her to see specialists in Europe or America to find an explanation. Eye surgeon Dr Nasib El-Lakkis said he will be sending details of this case to an eye surgeons conference in Spain. BUT HOW IS IT POSSIBLE?? Religious authorities and scientists sought answers to the riddle... The answer soon came: it was 'fraud', and the girl had admitted it, at least that is how the story was reported. Many people were upset and disappointed, others, less inclined to believe in inexplicable 'miracles', were relieved. Lebanon and other Arab countries declared the file closed and silence descended on the story of Hasnah Mohamed Meselmani. And yet certain questions remained unanswered. For instance, questions about the nature of the so-called fraud. How did Hasnah manage to pull the whole thing off with crystals coming out of her eyes in full view of television cameras? If the television pictures were authentic and anything to go by, then fraud would seem to be out of the question: the girl's eye was filmed in close-up and showed pieces of glass slowly pushing out of her eyes as if coming from the retina.