We are such a small world.....!

The following pictures are one of the best visual pictures that I have ever seen, that shows pretty clearly just how insignificant earth actually is. If you’ve ever had trouble grasping the true sizes involved in astronomy and the size of earth compared to other planets and stars, then here u can make them clear. The scales involved are mind boggleing. You just won’t BELIEVE how huge and mind blowingly big they are. Be ready to feel SMALL :) Here are the inner planets, the small rocky bodies cloe to the sun and Earth looks pretty big here. Our neighbour is almost our size, but we are the biggest of the bunch. As we travel farther out, we encounter gas giants, huge balls of gas that are make our inner planets seem so small in comparison.Even Pluto is barely visible here. Arcturus is one of the brightest stars in the sky, and you can see that size is one reason why in comparison to our sun. Notice that Earth isn’t even visible at this scale, and Jupiter, the giant among planets in our system, is just a single pixel o. But even Arcturus is dwarfed by the super-giants, massive red stars that would swallow huge chunk of our solar system. Antares and Betelgeuse, if they were placed at our Sun’s location, would easily envelope Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars … Antares’ So u see how small we r n how small r our dreams of having GREAT PALACES n GIANT KINGDOMS as compared to the UNIVERSE!!!


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