Women with (very long) Giraffe neck

The women of the Padaung hill tribe wear heavy brass ornaments around their neck and limbs. These ornaments look like separate rings but are really a continuous coil of brass that can weigh anywhere from five to twenty-two kilograms and measure up to 30 meter in length. The quantity of visual rings (in reality, the length of the brass coil) is increased every year, according to the age of the woman. Young Paduang girls start wearing rings from the age of six, adding one or two more coil-turns (or visual rings) yearly, until the age of about 16.Once fastened, the rings are for life, to remove the full coil of brass would cause the collapse or even fracture of the woman's neck. In the past, removal of the brass rings was a punishment for adultery. The punishment was, that since the neck muscles had severely weakened, by years of not supporting the neck, the woman must spend the rest of her life, holding her head with both hands or lying down. Paduang hill tribes women say that they are used to their custom and are happy in continuing the tribe's tradition.


Peter O. said...

They have need to remove the full coil of brass for maintenance, by one to five years use. And they old women often remove all coils.

Garbita-writes said...

Do only women wear these? What does the custom actually ordain?

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