World's most Expensive Needle

Who would have ever thought that a single needle would fetch a jaw breaking price of up to $300,000. Willard Wigan is one of the few in the world that made it happen.A closer look at the eye of the needle with a microscope revealed that this is not any ordinary needle. There's a miniature sculpture of Snow White and the seven dwarfs, all fitted inside the pin head and including a witch nearby. Without the microscope, it looks nothing more than a speck of dust wedged in the eye of the needle. This speck, though, took more than three months to make it. Other works by Wigan include a miniature model of Auguste Rodin's The Thinker - fitted on a pin head - and a model of The Last Supper, complete with 12 disciples. His tiniest piece up to date is a Scottish terrier standing on the point of an acupuncture needle; while his next project is to create a Little Red Riding Hood so small she could be gobbled up not just by a wolf but by a flea. Wigan's ultimate ambition as he told is that one day, he's going to do the Queen in her Coronation Coach with all the horses, too.


Anonymous said...

How exactly were these things done, what material was used? Otherwise I call photoshopped.

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