A Man Fitted a Camera in his Eye (Eye replaced by Digital Camera) And Turned Himself Into A walking Camera!!

Canadian film maker Rob Spence, who damaged his right eye in a childhood accident, is determined to replace it with a digital camera. "Team Eyeborg" has just succeeded in fitting Spence with an artificial eye containing a working LED – a step towards a camera-containing synthetic eye. Spence and engineer Kosta Gramatis have succeeded in placing a working red LED in Spence's eye giving him a look similar from Arnold Schwarzenegger's cyborg in The Terminator. This camera will record everything that enters Spence's field of vision and relay the footage back to a computer. That video will provide a unique perspective on the way video surveillance is becoming more popular in western societies... This image shows the components of the camera now present in his eye. Tags: eye camera synthetic eye unbelievable eye unbelievable facts world facts animal facts hard fact animal facts human facts accidents world record dictionary sex facts fastest strongest longest dangerous horrible love and romance facts


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