World's smallest & shortest cute HORSE, Thumbelina.

Thumbelina, Just 17 inches tall, the tiny mare is so small, has just been officially recognised as the world's smallest horse.At a mere 17 inches tall (four hands), the mare measures up to the shins of the 'normal' horses in the paddock. Normal horses lives for about 35 years, but she is only likely to live up to the age of 17 because of her size. The five-year-old received the title from the Guinness Book of Records after her astonished owners realised she was never going to grow any bigger. The tiny mare has become sometime of a celebrity in her home town in America, but Mr Goessling insists they will never sell her, no matter what price is offered.'She is too precious to us to sell,' he added. 'I think my parents would sell me before they part with Thumbelina. At birth she weighed 8lb - the weight of many new-born babies - and eventually she grew to a mere 60lb. Tags: smallest hoarse short horse tallest hoarse unbelievable horse unbelievable facts world facts animal facts hard fact animal facts human facts accidents world record dictionary sex facts fastest strongest longest dangerous horrible love and romance facts


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